Welcome to Drupal Curlypage

This is the demostration site for Drupal Curlypage module. A sample of the curlypage can be seen on top right corner of this page.

Any opinions and suggestions are welcome. Use the contact form to let me know what you think about it.

It would be very helpful too if you please take a moment to fill the Poll. Providing a comment besides your vote with further information (failed/worked, operating system and browser you are using with its version if possible) would be even more useful.

Drupal curlypage is a cross browser, html strict code implementation of the pagepeel effect, "magic corner" type banner. With this module you can add those ads to your drupal website.

  • Show curlypages on any corner of your pages.
  • Include as many curlypages as you want on your website.
  • Include up to four curlypage groups on same page (one on each corner).
  • Group culypages in one corner to show them in slideshow flow. Configure times: delay, timeslot, repeat for each curlypage on group.
  • Use CSS position model absolute or fixed. Absolute is only available for top curlypages.
  • Custom peel sizes.
  • Custom styles (you can choose 3 different styles).
  • Configurable images to show when the ad is closed and opened. Supported formats (static GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF).
  • SWF files support. You can upload an SWF file to use on peel. Only on open ad interactive SWF files are supported. see examples
  • Show a wait icon while curlypage is loading.
  • Mirror images on peel.
  • Transition on load.
  • Open curlypage with mouseover or mouseclick.
  • Configurable peel colors.
  • Peel color style, flat or gradient.
  • Sound effects.
  • Configurable link for ad.
  • Configurable speeds.
  • Automatic open and close features.
  • Close button.
  • Control visibility of each curlypage in a block visibility style: by language, by role, by page and by content type.
Curlypage package contains too:
  • Domain Curlypage. A submodule that adds domain visibility settings to curlypages for websites using Domain Access.
  • Curlypage Scheduler. A submodule that allow admins to schedule curlypages.
  • Curlypage Clicks. A submodule to count clicks, count views, compute click throughs and track clicks.
Tested on all major browser:
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XHTML 1.0 strict code compliant:
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