Add, Enable/Disable, Clone, Configure, Delete your Curlypages

Add, enable/disable, clone, configure, delete your curlypages.

When you enter curlypage management page you would be presented with a list of your configured curlypages. Every row there represents a curlypage you have configured on your site. By default curlypage module comes with one preconfigured curlypage that would be shown on all pages of your site if you enable it.

If you have more than one curlypage configured on the same node and on the same corner, only the first one on the list would be shown. The curlypage list is a sortable list so you can arrange your curlypages in it using drag and drop.

Curlypage Administration Page

On the curlypage management page you have a link to add new ones (Add curlypage). For every curlypage on the list you can enable/disable, clone, edit or delete it, with the correspoding operation button on its row.