Global Settings

Global Settings.

By default curlypage only lets you use media files that you upload using the upload fields in the configuration form for each curlypage. By default curlypage uses a google hosted version of the swfobject library. You can change both default behaviours here.

Global Settings
  • Allow media paths: check this box if you want to be able to configure your media paths directly on textfields.

  • Use version 10 swfs: check this box if you want to use in any of your curlypages SWF files only compatible with flash player version 10.

  • Swfobject library is MIT license and can't be packaged with curlypage because of drupal CVS restrictions. If you prefer to use a version of this library hosted with your own drupal site, you can configure it here.

  • Use internal swfobject: check this box if you want to use your own hosted swfobject file.

  • Path: path to swfobject.js on your file system.