I can't see curlypage sample in home page. Why?

There are three common reasons:
  • You have disabled javascript on your browser.
  • You don't have flash player plugin on your browser or you have a version prior to version 9. At least flash player version 9 is required.
  • You have an ad filter installed on your browser that blocks curlypage.

Other reasons:

  • You use some kind of web based anonymous surfing. Some of them block javascript, others retrieves the page as it were coming from another domain and some relative urls are not reachable.

Anyway, if you are not able to see curlypage on homepage of this site you can use the contact form or fill an issue in curlypage project at drupal.org to request support.


The problem with IE6 is that

The problem with IE6 is that it does not support fixed position model. IE6 changes fixed positioned layers to default static position.

That's why bottom curlypages (all bottom curlypages has fixed position) and top curlypages with fixed position won't work in IE6 and will be shown at the very bottom center of the whole page.

Starting with version 6.x-3.4 curlypage will include a test for that specific browser (IE6). For that browser bottom curlypages are not going to be shown at all and top curlypages will be shown at absolute position even if they are configured as fixed.

That's the only way I can support IE6, showing top curlypages and hiding on that browser the bottom (wrong positioned by IE6) curlypages.