I noticed the ad filter installed in my browser blocks curlypage. Can you change the module folder name to avoid this?

No. I won't change the curlypage folder name. Why?
  • It is the folder name used on this project from the beginning and changing its name is something I can't do without Drupal Webmasters help.
  • That would avoid ad filters for sometime but not forever.
  • If a user decide to use an ad filter to block ads it is his own right.


You can do it yourself if you still want to. What you can't change is any file or folder name inside the curlypage folder (curlypage inner folder, curlypage.module file, curlypage.admin.inc file, ...) but you can change the curlypage folder name itself to whatever you want and the module would work fine. Nothing on code depends on that. All files in that folder (flash movies, sample images...) would be found no matter the folder name, the code would find the folder name in which curlypage module is installed.

Change curlypage module folder name from curlypage to whatever you want and upload files to your server.