My site contains flash movies and when I open curlypage it goes behind my flash content. How can I solve that?

When you include a flash movie in your page you have to specify some parameters which are send to flash player. One of this parameters is wmode.
wmode - Possible values: window, opaque, transparent. Sets the Window Mode property of the Flash movie for transparency, layering, and positioning in the browser.
  • window - movie plays in its own rectangular window on a web page.
  • opaque - the movie hides everything on the page behind it.
  • transparent - the background of the HTML page shows through all transparent portions of the movie, this may slow animation performance.

If you set "wmode" to "window" for your flash movie or you don't set that parameter at all, which comes on the default window wmode applied, that movie would be render, on most browser, on top of any other content that overlaps it, no matter if the other content is over the movie. The correct wmode values to let other content that overlaps your flash movie to be render in their correct positions are "transparent" if you need any tranparency on your flash movie or "opaque" if that movie does not need tranparency.

In the following examples you can see that effect. To make the test you have to narrow your browser window to make curlypage and flash clock overlap when curlypage is opened.

  • wmode=window.- In this example the flash content on page has its wmode property set to window. In most browsers curlypage goes under the clock flash movie.
  • wmode=opaque.- In this example the flash content on page has its wmode property set to opaque. Curlypage opens over the clock flash movie.
So, curlypage will show over other flash content on page only if that other flash content has wmode set to opaque or transparent.