SWF example

Use SWF files on your curlypages

If you don't like static curlypages and you want to brighten up your curlypages, you can use SWF files on them. In this example page you can see a curlypage on top right corner with SWF files loaded on it.

Curlypage is compiled to Flash Player version 9 so you can only load version 9 compatible SWF flash files. There is a global setting that let you use version 10 compatible SWF files.

Curlypage is designed at 24fps. It will run at your loaded SWF fps so if for example you use 12fps in your design, your loaded SWF will run at its correct speed but curlypage itself (flag movement or open movement) will be divided by 2. So it is better if you design the SWF files you are going to use in your curlypages with a framerate of 24fps.

On opened curlypage you can even use an interactive SWF file.

Click here for an example.